We value your time as much as our own, therefore we are known for punctuality.  We invite your family to play with puzzles and games as well as read while you are with Dr. Calef.  We prefer to see your face in a book, than to be on Facebook.    The following are statements from patients. We hope their comments help you choose our office for orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Calef welcomes us with a big bright smile, an eagerness to help, and an awareness that we are unique persons, not only a medical case to solve! The staff is knowledgeable, patient, efficient, kind and friendly.  
                                                                         Suzanne Kouatly

Dr. Calef made me feel welcome by asking about my life and remembering!  This made it an enjoyable experience.  I am overall more happy since I had orthodontic treatment.           
Dozi Marble

The office of Dr. Karen E. Calef, DMD is one of the best and most pleasant professional offices we have encountered.  The staff is welcoming, gracious, engaging, and always made our children feel comfortable and safe.  Information about dental, as well as financial, procedures was always well explained and reliable.  Dr. Calef is sincere, gentle, genuine and obviously has technical expertise.  We urge anyone considering braces for their child to visit her office.                    
                              Sincerely, Matthew and Susanne Woods

Dr. Calef's office is friendly and comfortable.  We especially like the wonderful care their great staff give our children.  They benefit with straight teeth and an even more beautiful smile.                                                                                           Anna Cranmer

This office is technologically up to date with digital xrays and computerized patient charting. We like it because it is also clean, welcoming, and entertaining (magazines and games, complimentary items a treat).  The staff is warm, friendly, professional and efficient.  Dr. Calef is patient, kind and gentle.    Heather Willis

Dr. Calef and the staff always greet us by name, and ask if we had any questions.  We were given direct explanations and written material to refer to for at home questions.  We had an excellent experience with both Andrew and Austin at this office.       Diane Nolette

The office is comfortable, relaxing, clean,friendly and at the same time professional.  The doctor and staff both greeted us by name.  We appreciated that treatment was always explained in detail and printed information accompanied treatment.  Orthodontic treatment has encouraged consistent and vigilant dental hygiene.  It has been a positive trouble free experience.  I would recommend Dr. Calef to anyone embarking on orthodontic treatment.          Susie Sandall

Dr. Calef made us feel welcome by being a "real person", warm and inviting. She is a great communicator and was always available to answer our questions.  I think that our children learned a lot about teeth in the process of orthodontic treatment.    Kathleen Romeo

Dr. Calef and her staff are very friendly.  Dr. Calef explained each procedure in simple terms both my son and I could understand.  Despite orthodontic challenges, he now has straight teeth and room for wisdom teeth to come in.                           Paul Tamsin

I appreciated Dr. Calef's nice, honest chairside manner.                                                                                                          Jessica Delaney

My children felt comfortable and relaxed at Dr. Calef's.  The staff was wonderful and professional. They always took a personal interest in the children and their health.  The benefits were higher self esteem and better oral hygiene.   David Jakubowksi, Sr.

This office is comfortable, welcoming and provides a relaxing atmosphere.  Dr. Calef is cheerful, kind,caring, and professional. She takes time with every patient. She provided diagrams and information every step of the process.  Our child has straight teeth and a confident smile now!                                                         Kim Griffin

​Dr. Calef, you are a gem!  You have an excellent manner with children and your staff is wonderful.  I especially appreciate how punctual the appointments have been.  I liked the email system of appointments reminders. Terrific!     Thank you, Lenhart & Kochenburger Family

You have very high standards, and that's a very good thing! Thank you  for giving my son a nice smile.  The benefit is knowing it makes him feel good.                                                 
Lombardi Family

Positive, warm and friendly atmosphere, wonderful care and treatment with great results! Can't get any better care than this!                        
                                               Barry Feldman

​I myself, my two children, and my grandson have all benefited from this practice.                                                                      Nancy Gentes