First Visit


Your first orthodontic appointment.Your first visit to our orthodontic office is an exciting time! It's a chance for us to get acquainted, and for you to learn about the treatments and services we offer. When you walk in the door, you may notice that our office looks similar to your regular dentist's office; what we do here, however, is a little different. It all starts with the initial consultation.

You should plan to spend at least a half hour with us the first time. That's to ensure that no one has to rush, and that you get plenty of time to ask any questions you may have. You will meet our receptionist/office manager, who will take some information from you and bring you through the office. Then it's time for your oral exam with Dr. Calef.  She will observe and discuss your stage of tooth and jaw development.  Many times she will advise you return for periodic observation checkups until you are ready to start treatment.  These observation checkups are at no charge.  When you are ready she will recommend two appointments, Initial Records and Consultation.

Initial Records: Helps Us Make  a Plan

The Initial Records appointment starts with taking a set of regular photographs of the teeth in their present state. Next, we'll take digital x-ray images. These enable us to see what's going on underneath the gums: the position and growth of bones and joints, and the teeth that are still below and above the gum lines.

We also take an impression of the teeth. This lets us make an exact replica of the teeth & bite, which helps us understand exactly what the problem is and how best to treat it. If we need to do this, we will ask you (or your child) to bite down on some soft putty-like material for a few moments; then we'll remove it and send it to a lab to be made into a digital duplicate of your teeth and bite.

After that, Dr. Calef with perform a comprehensive examination. Besides looking in the mouth, we may also ask questions, such as whether the jaws make noise when the mouth is opening or closing, or if there are any problems chewing or swallowing. Taken together, this information will allow her to make a proper diagnosis and finalize your treatment plan for the Consultation  visit.

Consultation: Discussing Your Treatment Options

Now that we have a treatment plan, we will also explain what our fees will be, and what payment options are available.

Whether you're starting now or later, this is the best time to ask questions about the process. We can talk about available treatment choices, answer general questions about what to expect at the different stages of the process, and discuss any of the following:

  • Why will orthodontic treatment benefit me (or my child)?
  • What general procedures will be used to correct the problem?
  • Are any options available (or recommended) for my treatment?
  • Should I get treatment now, or is it better to wait?
  • Will tooth extraction be necessary?
  • How long do you expect treatment should take?
  • How much does treatment cost? Are payment plans available? 
  • When you leave our office, you'll have a better understanding of how we can help you get the best possible smile. Take the first step now — call us for a free initial consultation!